Introducing PJ

  • My family called me “PJ” and it works well when there are other “Pat” people around.
  • deCamera is my “pen name” for fiction writing such as books and short stories. deCamera is a variation of my Scottish surname – CHALMERS.

So now that’s cleared up, the rest of my story as a writer extends to my first employment. Experiences in industry, engineering, management and education included many kinds of writing such as public relations, advertising, instructions, workbooks, proposals and specifications. As a student there were scholarly papers to write such as essays, theses, and a dissertation. All of that dealt with the facts.

With all that behind me, I decided to write some fiction: Long Ridge Writers Group had a writing course that helped. More recently, studies with an Amherst Writing and Artists Certified Leader of Writing Chai (“Chai” is a Hebrew word for “Life”) engages practice of creative work. Generally, the writings I want to do will be directed toward entertaining readers and encouraging them as they live this life we share.

Let the stories begin.

Published by pjdecamera

"TO LIFE". "Anybody can get old if they live long enough. "You don't know until you know." "Inspect what you expect." 'Good things, happen to bad people ... and vice-versa' 'Life is a collage of memories.' 'Life is eternal, remember that.' 'If it's bad, dump it; if it's good keep it; and. if it has served its purpose for you, give it to someone else who can get some good out of it.'

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