A time of renewal is here, now, it seems.

The renewal we are seeing approaches as an arroyo floods after a rain. Would that we might make predictions but history is gone, tomorrow is mystery, all we have is now. So what do we have right now? Pandemic, Political Ignorance, Social Justice Battles (for real), Fractionalism, Self-righteousness, Idolotry of all kinds, Greed on every side, Lust run amok. Hey, there is a better way. This better way is ‘goodness’. Humility, kindness, purity, meekness, temperance, fortitude, forgiveness, faith hope, and charity.

Sound familiar? If so, you know it’s true; if you don’t get it here’s a clue. It’s called living the good life.

Published by pjdecamera

"TO LIFE". "Anybody can get old if they live long enough. "You don't know until you know." "Inspect what you expect." 'Good things, happen to bad people ... and vice-versa' 'Life is a collage of memories.' 'Life is eternal, remember that.' 'If it's bad, dump it; if it's good keep it; and. if it has served its purpose for you, give it to someone else who can get some good out of it.'

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