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March 3, 2023, Pat J. Chalmers is now writing articles for Catholic 365 Search for Pat J. Chalmers at:

January 12, 2023, FYI: We are moving away from social media except for infrequent casual glances. At the same time, we are refocusing our attention on (for intellectual property) and (for investment property). Any owned operations will be independent of our public commentaries. The best way to be in touch with us is in person, by phone, or email at:

Effective January 1, 2023 “Creator Content, LLC” will purchase P. J. Holdings which includes the and websites including all Content, Trademarks, Copyrights, Equipment, Investments, Inventories, Products, Intellectual Properties, and/or Facilities for any legitimate business purpose.

December 8, 2022 Today is a new day. There’s news coming on a new website — http://www.pjchalmers .com. Given our new world revolutions, it seems wise to adapt to these same new dynamics. Stay tuned for further developments.

September 14, 2022 Today, we read a paraphrase of what Anselm Grun writes: Is what I do: good for people? respectful? courageous? graceful? honor male and female energies? meet the needs of others? positive? respectful of others and their property? — from Anselm Grun. “Lead Like A Monk.” Brewster, Massachusets: Paraclete Press, 2022

September 8, 2022 Rest in Peace, Your Majesty. You, Queen Elizabeth, demonstrated the meaning of diplomacy, the humility of great leadership, and the love of your people. You are in our prayers.

AUGUST 5, 2022 A celebration is coming soon with the publication of the new novel by P. J. deCamera “The Ghost of Martel” which is currently in the last revision stage. The plan is to publish on Amazon, we will keep you posted.




P J de Camera fiction & LEADER’S SOLUTIONS by Patrick J. Chalmers Communication

In the scramble of events influencing our lives these days, we need to find a way to support every human being alive in their good and valuable undertakings. – P J Chalmers

A time of renewal is here, now, it seems.

The renewal we are seeing approaches as an arroyo floods after a rain. Would that we might make predictions but history is gone, tomorrow is mystery, all we have is now. So what do we have right now? Pandemic, Political Ignorance, Social Justice Battles (for real), Fractionalism, Self-righteousness, Idolotry of all kinds, Greed on every…

P J de Camera Writers Times

It would have been wonderful, had the web and the cloud had been around when I first wrote an essay about jet propulsion and how it works. Well my friends, the web was yet to come and in that time clouds were in the sky, not a ground level digital storeroom. Times change and we…

Introducing PJ

My family called me “PJ” and it works well when there are other “Pat” people around.deCamera is my “pen name” for fiction writing such as books and short stories. deCamera is a variation of my Scottish surname – CHALMERS. So now that’s cleared up, the rest of my story as a writer extends to my…

The Eternal Quest

“live the good life”. The first of current fiction writings. But how to live the good life means different things to different people and some of ‘the good life’ turns out to be not so good at all.

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